9 Dogs to 💖 on Instagram

There’s nothing like a funny pup pic (or video) to brighten up your day. At Rowan, we just can’t get enough of canine cuteness. From Italian Greyhounds and Golden Retrievers to Pomeranians and Pugs, these are the nine dog friends we’re loving on Instagram. Who else would you add to this list?

  1. @tikatheiggy Tikka is a French-speaking Italian Greyhound fashion icon, LGBTQ+ ally, and children’s book author—what’s not to love?
  2. @itsdougthepug With more than 3.8 million Instagram followers and two People’s Choice Awards under his mug, Doug the Pug has reached true celebrity dog status. Talk about #goals.
  3. @Jiffpom From unicorn hats to fluffy Elmo onesies, this Pomeranian social media sensation has the formula for cuteness overload down 100%. 
  4. @mayapolarbear This snuggly Samoyed has been starring in funny videos and memes since 2016. Catch her sleeping with her stuffed toys or chomping on treats. It’s a great way to spend a workday. 
  5. @boobie_billie We stan this uber-fashionable Italian Greyhound and Chihuahua mix. From her signature bold hues to her tiny purses, Billie’s feed offers style inspo for pets and humans alike. 
  6. @wolfgang2242 Steve Greig is not a dog, but he does rescue senior dogs and dogs with disabilities. We like keeping up with his pack (and you will too). 
  7. @tunameltsmyheart Tuna is a ridiculously adorable Chiweenie rescue who’s famous for his unmistakeable overbite and closet full of costumes. 
  8. @tuckerbudzyn Michigan-based Golden Retriever Tucker Budzyn is a YouTube darling. Watch his puppy self-care routine and get a peek of his wedding day—then follow him in IG for more. 
  9. @ghost.and.wren Speaking of Italian Greyhounds, the Toronto-based twosome Ghost and Wren are always twinning and winning with their sartorial choices. If only we could look that good in unicorn horns. 

Know a pup we should love? Tag @rowanfordogs on their glam shots.