Indoor Play Ideas

All pups need exercise and mental stimulation to stay happy and healthy. But the cold, snow, or heavy rain during the winter months can make it challenging to get enough outdoor time. Here are some ideas to keep your pup entertained (and burning off excess energy) when you’re stuck inside. 

Make fetch happen. Take advantage of a long hallway or a flight of stairs for a calorie-burning game of fetch. The stairs add an extra level of challenge, making your doggo work a little bit harder. Just grab their favorite toy, toss it up, and repeat over and over again. 

Try a treadmill. If your home treadmill has been gathering dust, this is a great way to get some use out of it. Start your dog on a slower setting and build up to their level of endurance. Slow the treadmill down to a full stop if they show signs of tiring out. 

Build an obstacle course. Do you and your doggo like to lounge in front of episodes of American Ninja Warrior? Us too. Bring that big ninja energy to your living room by using boxes, towels, laundry baskets, and even broomsticks to build an epic course you can do together.

Find a class. The cold weather months can be a great time for some indoor dog training. If your pup has already mastered the basics, look for a more advanced class. This type of structured setting lets them learn new tricks and meet other four-legged friends.

Chase some bubbles. Train your doggo to catch bubbles—and use your fave Rowan wash to make sure the bubbles dog-friendly. Need some tips on how to supersize those suds? We tried this quick and easy hack with The Hair Wash, but The Fur Wash works too. 

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