Pup Culture Halloween 2022

It’s (almost) Halloween, and we’re here for it! Get your four-legged friend ready with these pup culture looks.


Obsessed with Eddie in Stranger Things? Us too. Make your pup the master of the dungeon. Hellfire Club, here we come!

1/ Doggy denim vest

2/ Hellfire Cub Patch (glue to the back of the denim vest)

3/ Electric Guitar Toy


This is one of our favorite tributes to the icon in pink. Sure, she’s a little more furry than plastic. But hey, imagination, life is your creation.

1/ Pink Fluffy Vest

2/ Barbie Font Tag

3/ Rowan Pink Color Stick

If your doggo lives to make a statement, maybe this look is more their style. After all, who doesn’t love a Harry fashion moment?

1/ Purple Feather Boa

2/ Sequined Dog Vest

3/ 'Treat People With Kindness' Pin