5 Easy Dog Grooming Hacks

While we may all wish dogs could wash and brush their own hair, your four-legged bestie relies on you for a good groom. These simple tips and tricks will hopefully make designing your dog’s beauty routine a little easier. 

The Problem: Tangles and Mats

The Solution: The answer to loosening tangles, knots, and mats on your dog’s coat could be sitting in your pantry. Cornstarch is a great detangler. Sprinkle a little on the affected part of your dog’s hair or fur, then gently brush it through starting at the end of the strands and working your way to the root. 

The Problem: Greasy Hair or Fur

The Solution: Cornstarch can also work as to degrease an oily coat, but we recommend taking grooming to the next level with The Dry Shampoo. Made with Aloe Vera, Tapioca Starch, and Baking Soda, this Veterinary Dermatologist-approved formula also leaves a fresh, natural coconut scent. 

The Problem: Cracked Paws 

The Solution: Your pup’s paws can get dry and cracked, making even the most leisurely stroll somewhat uncomfortable. Keep a dog-friendly balm or salve on hand to slather on as needed. You can also try coconut oil. And don’t forget your dog’s nose may need some moisturizing love too!

The Problem: Eye Residue

The Solution: Moondrops, goobers, yucky stuff… we may call the residue around dogs’ eyes different things, but we can all agree it needs cleaning. Try a flea brush to gently remove the residue that forms in the hair around your dog’s eyes. The key is to clean regularly (think every day or two) with a cotton pad soaked in warm water. Be sure to wipe gently since your pup’s eye area is sensitive.  

The Problem: On-the-go Cleaning 

The Solution: We want our dogs to look and feel their best, but there isn’t always time for a bath. The Coat Refresh is a convenient way to refresh and condition coats while on the go. You can also spritz a bit on a microfiber towel or cleansing cloth to use as a grooming wipe. Good-bye dirty paws! 

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