Clean Ingredients


We are passionate about clean ingredients and put a lot of care into curating what goes into all of our coat care formulas. Our products are formulated by an expert clean beauty chemist who carefully assesses each ingredient, and vetted by a Board-Certified Veterinary Dermatologist to ensure it’s safe to use on our furry friends. 

This handy chart breaks down all of our ingredient choices, why we use them, and where they come from. Keep in mind that everything in our bottles is also naturally-derived, responsibly sourced, cruelty free and pH balanced for dogs.

We’re on a mission to clean up the products we use to clean our pets. And part of that is leading by example. That’s why we’re choosing to be totally transparent and including a full ingredient list for each Rowan product on our packaging and on our website. 

Still have questions about the ingredients we use? Reach out to us at