Why You Should Always Use a Dog Shampoo

We all love our dogs, but can agree we don’t love that stinky dog smell.

When it comes to bath time there are many options out there, but not all dog shampoos are created equal. That’s because the dirty little secret of pet grooming products is that they are relatively unregulated. This means that pet companies can manufacture whatever they think is acceptable with little to no oversight from the government. Plus, pet products are not required to have all of the ingredients listed on the labels, so you can’t always trust you know exactly what’s inside the bottle. In fact, many dog shampoos on the market contain cheap ingredients that strip the natural oils from your furry friend’s skin and coat. This breaks down their protective skin barrier function and can make them more susceptible to skin irritations and infections. 


Rowan pup during bath time


So, can you use human shampoo instead? The answer is not really. A dog’s skin has a different pH balance from human skin and human shampoo pH levels tend to be too acidic for a dog's unique needs. That great shampoo that gives your hair that Beyoncé blow-out effect might actually dry out your poor pooch’s skin or leave their fur dull.

Now what’s a picky pet parent to do? At Rowan we make clean, high-quality coat-care products you can feel good about using on your BDF (Best Dog Friend). We work with a Board-Certified Veterinarian Dermatologist and an expert formulation chemist to create pH balanced, dog-friendly formulas made with naturally-derived, human-grade ingredients and free of dirty stuff like sulfates, silicones and parabens. And because we are picky pet parents too, we disclose every ingredient on our product labels and website. Plus we vet (pun intended) every ingredient with EWG guidelines on ingredient safety.

Clean dog, peace of mind and no dirty ingredients—it’s a win-win-win.


Get your paws on it!

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